Springfield Motor Boat Club Annual Dues, Fees & Work Hours

  • All members pay Dues $300.00 (Prorated for new members)
  • All members pay Building Fund $150.00
  • All members required 8 work hours per year otherwise pay $150 donation
  • All members Food & Bar is $240 for the year otherwise pay $240 donation (Prorated for new members)
  • Dock owners (Docks 1-89) are required to pay Ownership fee $150
  • There is a $25.00 late fee if not paid in full by March 1st
  • There are 8 work hours required per year. Hours can be completed during Spring & Fall Work Days (see annual calendars), or by coordinating/volunteering for events throughout the year
  • If you can’t work, it’s No problem!  We just ask for a donation of $150.00 to satisfy requirement  
  • The full year’s dues and building fund will reset each year on January 1st
  • Beginning in February, all workday hours should be entered in the book

Membership Application


Springfield Motor Boat Club By-Laws (Updated November 2023)