The following By-Law additions/amendments will be put to a ballot vote:
NEW By-Law addition:
Section 12.19 Security Cameras:For club safety and protection, security cameras will be in use inside and outside the Springfield Motor Boat Club. Signage will always be appropriately posted on or near entrances of the club with a notification that security cameras are in use 24/7. Cameras will be in plain view and only located in public areas of the club. At no time will they be in private areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, or the beach house. At no time will the audio recording from the security cameras be enabled. Access to view, monitor, or search the DVR will be limited to current elected officers of the club, this includes the Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Fleet Captain. Only the Commodore will have the ability to grant another current elected board member permission to access security cameras if they have the need to do so. Tampering with, disabling, or removing security cameras can and/or will result in disciplinary actions per By-law 13.1.

By-Law Amendment to Section 6.6 Restaurant ManagerCurrent By-Law reads:Section 6.6
The restaurant manager shall be a position appointed by the Board of Directors. The manager will manage the restaurant operation, work with the chef on menu items, specials, and day to day operations. The manager will coordinate with the treasurer for depositing proceeds from the Club and payroll management. The manager will report to the Board of Directors monthly on the operation of the restaurant. The manager will supervise the staff and be responsible for the proper training of staff members. The manager will have their dues suspended while in this position as well as the suspension of the work hours requirement. The manager will be offered the employee discount for food purchased at the Club. The position will be appointed for a three-year term.

Amended By-Law Language change:The restaurant manager would be a position appointed by the Board of Directors if deemed necessary for club restaurant operations. The manager will assist the restaurant operations, through the Board’s direction. The manager will be responsible for staff schedules, assist with menu options, weekly specials, and day to day operations along with training of the staff. The manager will coordinate with the current Commodore and Treasurer for restaurant deposits and club restaurant financials. The manager will meet weekly with Commodore to discuss any issues or needs related to the club restaurant. The manager will attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting to discuss restaurant operations and will then be excused so the meeting agenda can commence. The manager will have their dues suspended while serving in the position and their work hour requirement will be waived. The manager will be offered the employee discount for food purchased at the Club for only themselves. The position will be appointed to run concurrently with elected Board of Directors positions with an option to extend at the discretions of each incoming Board of Directors. The manager may be terminated at any time throughout their appointment by the current Board of Directors.
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